Recycling & Waste Treatment

Recycling & waste treatment includes the recycling of solvents, thermal recovery, high-temperature incineration, and waste water treatment and purification.

DOTTIKON EXCLUSIVE SYNTHESIS AG operates the following distillation plants

  •  5 Distillation plants consisting of columns for batch operations for 17 to 40 plates
  • 3 Rectification plants consisting of columns for continuous operations with up to 70 plates
  • 2 Thin-layer evaporators


The high-temperature waste incinerator is one of the most modern incineration plants of the world. It was built to incinerate waste that cannot be treated in any other type of plant 

  • Incineration of 8'000 to 9'000 t per year
  • Plant operates 24 hours, at 7 days per week
  • Computer-assisted operation and control of all operation process parameters


Based on the quality management system according to ISO 9001:2008, DOTTIKON ensures that the safety, health and environmental requirements of authorities and customers are consistently met.