Solvent recycling is an integral part of developing environmentally friendly and cost-effective production processes. Recycling and distillation are also offered as stand-alone services to our customers.



  • Recycling of solvents and product mixtures in distillation columns or thin layer evaporators
  • Solvent wast recycling and sale of recyclet product to third parties
  • Batch and continuous feed distillation
  • Solutions to customer-specific challenges
  • Recycling of solvents under cGMP standard
  • Quantities from 200 kg to several thousand tons/year
  • Delivery to DOTTIKON in
    • Drums
    • Containers
    • Roadtankers
    • Railtankers

Waste Treatment

DOTTIKON EXCLUSIVE SYNTHESIS AG's high-temperature incinerator is equipped for the safe and environmentally sound disposal of special waste. 


  • Environmentally friendly treatment of special waste in a high-temperature incinerator with a burning temperature of over 1'200°C
  • Solutions to customer-specific waste challenges
  • Quantities from 10 kg to several thousand tons/year

Waste disposal products

  • Production waste
  • Chemicals
  • Solvents
  • Expired pharmaceuticals/medications
  • Hospital waste
  • Explosives
  • Non-combustible gases
  • PCB materials
  • Aerosol and paint waste
  • Pesticides and wood preservatives
  • Contaminated construction materials


Delivery to DOTTIKON in

  • Steel/fiber and plastic drums
  • Containers
  • Roadtankers
  • Railtankers